How students feel about Dobie



The year of 2017-2018 at Dobie Jr. High has been a year of change from no backpacks to using lockers and more, but which one has had the biggest impact here? Rules aren’t the only thing to change though, some students have changed whether it may be hair, clothes, or personality.

At the beginning of the year students attended a mandatory assembly explaining the new rules and requirements at Dobie Jr. High including dress code, no backpacks and more rules that for some conflicted with their lives at school. Students would be late due to needing to go to their locker in a totally different wing. The biggest rule that some people found hard to cooperate with was no backpacks. Kids hated the need to always carry around their stuff without the aid of their trusty pack. “It’s a lot more boring” said 8th grader Khalil Mayweather after being asked about dobies changed. After being asked what he would change Khalil said, “ I would change the no lockers, have our backpacks, and no cougar times.”     


Some students might feel different or confused on how their school has changed over the last year. Some students liked the changes or thought that they were necessary and negotiable while others thought they were stupid or unnecessary. There are some students however who don’t really CARE about the changes and are just trying to get through the day nevertheless the school year. “ It was pretty dumb this year because we couldn’t get on our phones unless it was for educational purposes.” Said 8th grader,Evan Bylsma. When asked if the people of dobie have he said “ Yes, people grow up and change.”                                                                                                                                                         


Students grow up and mature but the kids aren’t the only changes, rules change the tide of dobie Jr high. No phones, No backpacks, lockers, ID’s and more. Whether we want it to or not Dobie is changing, and we’re just gonna have to live with that.