What Auditions Are Like At Steele

What Auditions Are Like At Steele

At Steele, many people are auditioning for many different things such as choir, band, theater, sports. Every year, many people have tryout for these extra-curriculars.


For Choir, 7th and 8th graders audition in the same way. Kids stand up in front of the class and sing the solo part and they have a closed eye vote to see which 1 or 2 students get the part. It is surely different at Steele and they have a different system. They have to audition in front of a professional teacher who give them critiques on how they sounded and how to get better. They do it like they audition at UIL.


The band auctions for Steele are a bit different, there are 3 steps to the audition process, instead of just one. First, you perform a piece of music, you get it 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Second, you are asked to play your scales from memory. Third, how good you are at marching, they watch how you march during band camp in 7 and 8th grade, and during summer band camp.

Dobie’s,  Assistant Band Director, Mr. Barbee, expects the 8th graders going to Steele to be prepared for the auditions. He expects for most of the Symphonic and Wind Ensemble band students to get into the 3rd band at Steele.

“Auditions from middle school through high school follow a similar pattern, the Seniors are in the 1st (top) band, Juniors and some Seniors are in the 2nd band, and then Freshman and Sophomores are in the 3rd and 4th band. The reason I expect the Symphonic and Wind Ensemble band students to get into the 3rd band at Steele, is because they experience at the kind of music they play,” Said Mr. Barbee.


Theater auditions at Dobie are very similar to how regular auditions are held in other places, especially at Steele. You grab a monologue for a part and fill out a form on information about yourself. For example, your height, hair color, what role you want the most and stuff like that. You then memorize the monologue and perform it in front of the teacher/director, for them to inspect to see if you are good for the part you wanted. If not, they might put you in a smaller role. A difference that Steele’s theater has from Dobie is that they also look at who looks right for the role.


In High School you can tryout for all kinds of sports like volleyball, basketball, baseball, track and plenty more. If you make it on the team, you can be on the freshman, junior varsity, all the way up to the varsity team. The freshman team is where you can start off, and make your up to the junior varsity team.The junior varsity team is at a level right below the varsity team. The Varsity team generally are the main players in that sport and get more recognition.

In conclusion, people have a lot of work ahead of them, but it’s something that pays off in the end.