(Fiction) Sent From the Sky


Emily Maldonado, Staff Reporter

Angels, sent from the sky. Unlike many other guardians of Paradise, she wore business clothes. On several occasions she was sent to visit Earth. There, she observed human actions, their lifestyle, and their habit to help others. In the year 2021, she rarely saw anybody glance up from their technology to assist each other when in need. Not one drop of kindness emitted from their aura. How sad, she thought. When she got too upset, she closed her eyes…

“Aurora, honey! Time for supper!” mother called from the depths of their home. As Aurora entered the home, she was greeted by the pleasant aroma coming from the oven. Aurora smiled as she recognized the fragrant’s owner: Pie. They were going to have pie for dinner. Passing through the halls, Aurora was greeted by many people. Her family was known to help those in need. She entered the pantry and gathered seasoning for the soup they were going to eat. Suddenly, a scream traveled through her ears, causing her to drop the spices and cover her delicate ears. Catastrophe struck. Flames flew around her, and she struggled to breathe. A frightened little girl, all she could do was curl into a ball on the floor and close her eyes. Soon enough, the smoke engulfed her, and with that she disappeared from the world.

Aurora shook her head, bringing her back to reality. She had no time to waste, thinking about her past. She was sent to fulfill a task, so she would. A few hours went by and nobody seemed to have any kindness in their hearts. Then, she noticed someone. There, in the middle of a crowd, was a little girl, twirling. Distraught faces surrounded her, yet she kept twirling. In her right hand she held flowers. In her left, she was throwing them around. Suddenly, a strong hand grabbed her by the armed and threw her to the ground. “Just what do you think you’re doing, young lady!” The voice of a woman screeched. The little girl recoiled, but her voice didn’t waver when she responded. “Mama, we need kindness in our lives! We can’t just go about our lives and mope everyday!” The mother sneered and slapped the girl, causing her to skid across the sidewalk. Angry, Aurora started to stride towards the crowd, but a blood curdling sound stopped her. The little girl was choking. The mother, panicked, began shaking her and begging her to stop. Aurora frantically tried to help the child, but her transparent hands merely passed through the body holding the little girl captive. Aurora’s judgement finally cleared up, and in came the depressing thought. She never wanted to do this in her whole career, but it had to be done. It was the only way to save the girl from her misery. Aurora hovered her hands through the girls frail body that was soon giving. The act then gave her the permission to take the little girl from this life.

Aurora awakened the child after the action was complete. She sat upright and began questioning Aurora immediately. “Where am I?” She said. Aurora, heartbroken, explained the whole thing. The minor took everything in for a moment, and silence filled the dreamy room. They were at a crossroad of life and Heaven. Suddenly the child ran over to the side where you enter life’s realm. She then ran into a translucent wall blocking her from the sidewalk where her mother lay beside her daughter’s lifeless body. Frantic, the daughter pounded at the wall. “Let me be with my mom! Mommy!” She screeched. Aurora pried the little girl from the door and sat her down on the floor beside Aurora. “Sweetheart, what’s your name?” Aurora asked, her voice smooth as honey. The child hesitated, but decided to tell her. Tears formed in her eyes, and she responded, “I’m Serenity.” Aurora smiled. ” I’m Aurora. You had a terrible accident. I had to help you. I’m afraid this was the only way.” Serenity looked down, knowing she wouldn’t see her mom in awhile. “So what now?”

Aurora smiled sweetly and quietly replied, “Don’t you want to meet Him?”

With that, they both  walked hand in hand towards the bridge leading them to Heaven.