All about St. Patrick’s Day

All about St. Patricks Day

asedeya pagan , staff reporter

St. Patrick’s day is celebrated a lot around the world. This tradition was known for St. Patrick and him bringing Christianity  to Ireland.

When we think about St. Patrick’s, day we probably think about the color green. You might be thinking why do we wear green on this day? Well we wear green because of

Ireland’s green colored landscape. This is what made green the color for St. Patrick’s Day.


Four leaf clovers are usually used for St. Patrick’s day, but in reality St. Patrick used three leaf clovers to explain the holy trinity. Even though he originally used the three leaf clover, the four leaf is still used on St. Patrick’s day.


St. Patrick’s day is one of the holidays celebrated the most in America. In my opinion, it is one of the best holidays