Is the STAARs’ /Benchmarks’ stressful?



       STAAR can be a very busy and stressful time for students. It’s stressful for the students because they are worried about if they are going to pass or fail.

       Testing is very energy consuming , so it is important to eat a filling breakfast. Jaxson Gonzalez , an 8th grader said ,”  I ate an egg sandwich on Tuesday. “ On Wednesday he ate a bagel with nutella.

       Tianni Carson, 8th grader said “ The STAAR was very stressful, and sometimes hard to understand.” She thought it was going to be so hard, but she said it really wasn’t. We asked her “Were you tired after testing” Tianni replied “ yeah! I used all my focus on the STAAR and it tired me out, but at the end i felt like i did great.

       Brenna cockerill, 8th grader said she didn’t prepare at all “I slept, i don’t study often” Said Cockerill. Brenna ate a yogurt parfait and didn’t get stressed at all before the test but was very bored before and after the test. When asked is the STAAR important Brenna said “Its important if you want to go to the next grade but if you dont its not really important” Said Cockerill.

       The students are the purpose of testing,but Mrs.Ruhd,the counselor for Dobie, coordinated the STAAR.  She said, “ It was hard to coordinate it but it was even harder to not see the students. I’d much rather hang out with you guys!” Some advice she gave students for the STAAR is, “ Sleep well the night before and eat a healthy breakfast! You should also just pay attention the whole year. If you’re paying attention and do your work you should do great!” Mrs. Ruhd thought that all the test ,including the Benchmarks, drained kids emotionally and academically. Mrs. Ruhd also said how tests had made her anxious when she was in school. She commented, “ I think kids get upset because it’s the unknown. They get worried if they’ll pass or not.”  Here at Dobie only a small population of teachers focus on the STAAR a lot. They have little groups before tests to try to help students get where they need to be ,so they can pass their test.