A day in the life of Dobie’s assistant principals

Assistant Principals Week held April 9 – 13


Jason Dobbins and Reese Evans

On Assistant Principals Week –April 9th to April 13th– assistant principals are celebrated for their hard work and determination. Dobie Jr. High has three beloved assistant principals: Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Silva, and Mrs. Garcia.

Dobie’s assistant principals make a huge impact; they do a lot of work to make sure the school is running smoothly and making sure that each day goes as planned. They help keep everyone at Dobie in line. Many times our assistant principals go underappreciated, but they do so much at Dobie to provide a safe and steady environment and some students do notice.

Mrs. Garcia spoke about the difference in her position from junior high to elementary, since she used to be an assistant principal at Wiederstein: “I think that my role is introducing school to students,as it starts to get more mature as technology becomes more important.” Garcia wanted to describe the differences of principals and assistant principals.“There are lots of similarities, we’re both focused on the success of students, but I’m more responsible for discipline.” Garcia also spoke about her favorite aspect of her job: “I love the interaction with kids and teachers,” she said. Garcia said she doesn’t have a typical day. “No two days are alike, it depends on what is going on at school,” she said. Lastly, she wanted to add that it is a privilege to be at Dobie, and she loves seeing the students grow and develop.

Mr. Jackson has been an Assistant Principal at Dobie for 8 years. When asked about the difference between a Principal and an Assistant Principal, he responded with: “We do more boots on the ground, as in more enforcing.” He wanted to share the favorite aspect of his job: “I love interacting with students.” He said his normal day is “constantly dealing with issues.” Jackson wanted to add that he loves to serve at Dobie.

Mrs. Silva spoke about her position at Dobie.  “This is my second year serving as an Assistant Principal at Dobie.” Silva described her main duties at Dobie: “I deal a lot more with student and parent concerns” She spoke about her favorite aspect of her job: “I like dealing or talking to students.” She said her normal day is dealing with issues that arise. Silva said her job is very special to her. “This school is my community, so I value it greatly.”

Assistant Principals have been a huge impact at schools everywhere.They have helped keep everyone at Dobie in line. Many times our assistant principals go underappreciated. They do so much at Dobie to provide a safe and steady environment. In the future, Dobie students should work to give much needed recognition to our wonderful assistant principals.