The student character awards

There are many great students throughout the school of Dobie junior high. Some of these great students have been awarded character awards because of their positive behavior by their teachers. Every month teachers are given the chance to award the students they think have earned them by doing a good deeds, these characters awards are a recognition of something admirable you’ve done.

Here’s what some of the students had to say about receiving an award.

Sarah Guidry, 8th grader, has recently received a Character Award from language arts teacher, Ms. Compton, for being a hard working student. “I felt appreciated.” said Sarah. It was unexpected but, a pleasant surprise.

Michaela Martinez 8th grader, received a Character Award for her wonderful personality and being an overall helpful student, the two teachers that have given her an award are Ms. Mendoza and Mrs.Clarkson.

Our assistant principal, Mr. Jackson, thought it was important to recognize kids that make good choices, and they should be awarded for their good behavior with a Character Award. “It’s fun to recognize the good kids.” He believes it reinforces the thought that  when you do good, you are recognized, He hopes this encourages people to do good things. The original idea was created by the 3 main administrators, Mr. Simons, Mr. Jackson, and Mrs. Silva, and the 2 counselor, Mrs. Navarro and Mrs. Ruhd  




DID YOU KNOW?- One thing that students DON’T know is students are not the only ones receiving awards for their good behavior. Teachers and other Administrators are also awarded Character Awards for their good attitude, make good choices, and good behavior.