What Students Want Teachers To Know


Paris Brooks and Angel Pham

Everyone has a favorite teacher. The one that you look forward to seeing in your long day of back to back classes, but what makes them so special? Is it the lack of rules? Is it the respect the teachers give to their students? What would you like them to know?

There are many teachers out there that wonder how students feel about how they teach and how well they do it. All students have different qualifications and expectations for a teacher. What are those expectations? 8th grader, Elijah Hugle states that he likes his favorite teacher because “He makes my day better!”  He also wanted his teachers to know that they should never give up because the knowledge teachers have can touch so many.

Even if a teacher isn’t someone’s favorite, it doesn’t define how well they teach. Students are aware that even if a teacher could act “careless,” they are constantly working for hours overtime to grade papers and attend conferences. We all have bad days, and most students try their best to understand that about teachers. Their job should be more appreciated because explaining a lesson for 8 hours on repeat everyday with students acting up is probably unbearable for them.

What if a few of your peers were acting up in class and the whole class got lectured because of a few students mistakes? How would you feel? 8th grader, Tianni Carson says that “Teachers shouldn’t get mad at the whole class if only a few students are doing something wrong.” 8th grader, Luke Hill agrees with this statement and says that it’s unfair to be in trouble for other people’s mistakes. Do you agree?

What about students? Do students affect how a teacher does her job? The saying goes “treat others how you would like to be treated.” 8th grader Journee Green states that “Students don’t treat teachers with respect, mostly the boys.” It’s most likely how students act that changes how teachers do their job. For example if a teacher’s class is very rowdy, the teacher wouldn’t  look forward to going to work everyday. This causes stricter rules and a stricter teacher.

In conclusion, teachers should ask and understand how students feel about them and the classroom environment. Teachers have a lot of things that they want students to know just as much as students have things they want teachers to know. Listening to students opinions could help teachers a lot in future classes and schools.