Uil Band’s performance at Southwest High School




Uil Band have been working hard all year long and have done so much. They have even won two awards for best performance. Band is a lot to tack on coupled with the fact that they have other classes that can give homework everyday. Sadly there is still the fact that failing a class can stop one from out of school events.


Seamus Brady an eighth grade trombone player said,”My favorite part of going on our UIL band field trip was, that we were able to leave school for the day.” Seamus also said,”The worst part of going on the trip was playing in front of all the judges” After the fact of the concert he said that “We all congratulated each other on our great awards, and went home.”


Michael Moylan an eighth grade tuba player in UIL band says,” Going on the trip to southwest high school was one of the most nerve racking experiences ever” Michael also said that” performing in front of the judges was super weird and scary, because one mistake would have costed us the competition.” Michael said “That winning the competition was such a relieving feelings, and that it was one of the coolest things I had ever done.”


Band for some people is extremely difficult but to be able to do something that’s almost twice as hard as regular band is an amazing task. People with the ability to keep a good grade in all their classes and be able to sustain a good grade and go home and practice with their instrument. Also, able to skip school days and sustain good grades and keep up with homework is outstanding.