Builders Club raising money for Lymphoma Society

Builders Club raising money for Lymphoma Society

Jenna Baglio and Hailey Davis

Dobie Jr. High’s Builders Club is raising money for Lymphoma Society and the efforts will end with a coach wearing a dress.

So, what is this fundraiser about? Hosted by the Lymphoma Society of San Antonio, “Pennies For Patients is a fundraiser to help raise money to find a cure for both Lymphoma and Leukemia.” states Kayla Looney, seventh grader, member of Builders Club.  Boxes are placed in both the cafeteria, and in some classrooms as well. Each box represents one of the four coaches participating in this fundraiser. Coach Burton, Coach Gamboa, Coach Wallrich, and Coach Driffel. Pick your favorite one, and drop some money in the box. The coach who has the most money will have to wear a dress for the whole day.

The fundraiser will be coming to an end by the end of May, but there is still time to put in a vote and help save many lives. If you are not able to donate money for this, another one will be put in place. The next one will be for the Humane Society. They are mainly looking for blankets, and food for animals. If you are interested in  people in the community, you can notify Mrs. Zerbe, Builder’s Club Sponsor.

Builders Club is on every Tuesday at 7:45 am. Just remember, the next time you go by those boxes in the cafeteria, think of the lives that you can help by just dropping a little bit of money in one.

Builders Club is an organization for people who share the same passion to help out the community, and make a difference. Students also learn how to become an overall well rounded person by learning how to help and share their time for the individuals in their community.

Sponsored by Kiwanis, people who are apart of this club connect with the community, and build community connections. On average, Kiwanis makes around 150,000 fundraisers, and raises about 100 million dollars a year to help support different causes.