Dobie 8th graders prepare for High School


Students stress out thinking about high school

As the school year comes to an end, 8th graders turn their thoughts to high school. The reason for these thoughts is that high school is a key moment in deciding what a person wants to do with their life. The classes they choose, define what they aspire to achieve. A job, a rank, or even mastery of a certain subject. The point is, high school is vital. So it is major that you are ready for it.

Next up, how do people feel about the leap from jr. high to high school? 8th grader Daniella Molina commented,“I feel good.” Blake Nolen, also 8th grade, said,“Finally.” As you can see a lot of people feel good about going to high school and about the importance of this monumental part of our education. Also you get a lot of freedom with your classes and w.The number of  electives available in high school is far greater than here at Dobie.

Of course high school isn’t just like Glee and High School Musical. No, it is MUCH more different. There will be hardships. Friends may drop out, do drugs, even get expelled. Bad things happen, that’s why it’s salient to not do what was listed in the previous sentence.

It cannot be stressed enough, high school is an extremely vital! That’s why it is also prime to prepare for high school. Being both physically and mentally prepped is paramount. People have different opinions on how exactly to get everything set. You just have to find your own style. Talk to friends perhaps? It is easier to face problems together. Balancing a social life and thinking positive thoughts about high school is a great start. To learn more about preparing for high school, this site gives lots of tricks and tips about starting high school at