Safety At Dobie

Safety at Dobie

Dobie Jr. High School may not be the biggest school, but there are about 1200 students that go here and more than 50 staff members who work here to help the school run properly. If the school isn’t ran properly there can be plenty of reasons why, like overpopulation, teachers, students, and the most important safety.

Feeling safe is a big deal for students, because they are around a lot of people that they may not know too well. Students feel safe, but not 100% safe. After asking students what they rated the safety here at Dobie (1 being  lowest safety rating and 10 the highest), we got an inside look on the way the students feel about the safety here in their everyday school.

Devin Moore answered that she feels safe yet not so safe at the same time, “I do feel safe because there are a lot of adults and police here and I don’t feel safe because there has been a lot of school shootings and it scares me.” “I think that some students are or can be violent and that can be a safety issue,” Devin shares. “I believe that the school has tried their best to make this school safe but there are just some things that we don’t have control over.” Moore says. When asked if she thinks we can improve safety at Dobie. She thinks that we can improve safety “By being cautious and aware of our surroundings.” Lastly, according to an interview filmed by Devin, Mr. Simmons said that according to the student survey, one of the three lowest scoring topics was student safety.

After that we followed up with assistant principals here at Dobie and asked how they felt about the safety at Dobie. They shared their opinions with us for example Mr. Jackson said “I think we have pretty good safety, just a lot of kids” When asked about the rating he said a solid 10.

Lastly, Officer Hernandez said that there’s “no way” that he doesn’t feel safe. He says he rates it a “strong 8”. When asked how we can improve the safety at Dobie, he said, “Harsh punishment for people who don’t wear their ID(s) and kids need to be brave to stick up for other kids.” The last thing he said was “When kids act up, they need to be put in place.”

Safety is a big deal when comes to schools whether your a student, teacher, administrator or school officer. Together we can stop the unsafe emotions that some students feel.