Award winning secretary, award winning heart

Ms. Wyatt is secretary of the year


Always wearing a smile, Dobie secretary Ms.Wyatt is the first person people see when they walk into Dobie’s front office. She keeps cool even when there is a long line of parents, students and business people who all need her help with simple or complicated needs. Ms. Wyatt was awarded the Dobie secretarial/clerical award this year and the staff and students all say it is a much-deserved award.

“I love her! She’s really sweet and she knows my mom,” said Journee  Green, 8th grader. “When she sees me, she asks me if my day is going well.”

Ms. Wyatt cheerfully helps everyone with all of their issues, from getting signed out from school to  even being someone they can talk to if you’re having a bad day. She answers the phones, makes announcements, files paperwork and sometimes she has the task of helping students with their dress code problems too. She says the most fun thing about being a receptionist is the interaction she has with people.

“A secretary’s daily routine consists of assisting staff,students and parents with their needs,” said Ms.Wyatt, adding that her work day lasts about eight hours.   

It’s easy to see that Ms.Wyatt loves her job, but she admits it does have its frustrations. “The worst part about my job is 1. Watching the students get themselves into trouble and 2. It’s the best thing and the worst thing to see families and students move onto the next grade and go along with their lives.”