Personal view: My Average ,But Fun Thanksgiving

Julia Escobedo, Staff Reporter



My family thanksgiving traditions are pretty normal we almost never do anything special.

Our “traditions” normally consist of turkey, honey ham, sweet rolls, and the rest of the traditional Thanksgiving buffet.


I’m not really a big fan of Thanksgiving,  I don’t mean to be a “Debby downer”, but in my opinion it is the most boring national holiday of all time. It’s a uneventful  holiday that is almost solely based on food. I’m not saying that food is all it’s about, but let’s be honest when you think of Thanksgiving what is the first thing that comes to mind?


This year my parents had the bright idea of making a mediocre holiday even worse by having the event take place at our house. We have never had thanksgiving at our house, but I already know I won’t enjoy it. I like being alone in my house I do not enjoy people at our house , I don’t even like my own friends at our house. I’m not looking forward to thanksgiving this year, but it’s inevitable.