Personal View: Winter Wonderland at Cibolo


Julia Escobedo, Student Journalist

On December 7, 2017 ,an amazing thing happened to the town of Cibolo,Texas… it snowed. As many Texans may know snow is very uncommon in most parts of Texas , so every once in a blue moon when snow comes we get very excited , maybe even a little too excited.The snow was a shock to me, and my friends. We were excited, yet confused also. It was weird seeing so much snow that had came down so quickly, so knowing this didn’t happen often we made the most of the surprise snow.After a while we decided we had better go inside in our warm houses and sleep. Unfortunately we still had school the next day, but to my surprise when we woke up the snow was still there! Perfect untouched snow lined everything in a thick coat of white. I don’t know what it is, but snow made our normal suburban neighborhood look beautiful. I took some pictures because I knew it was to good to last.