Dobie students put their talent on display

Julia Escobedo and Camryn Farganus

Dobie Junior High students have been looking forward to the annual Dobie talent show. Many students have already auditioned for the talent show.This talent show is a big deal for some students, they would like to present their talents to peers. The show consist of many acts,and there is always a fair share of singers as well as dancers and other performances. Unfortunately some of the Dobie athletes were unable to go to the auditions because of colliding dates. So the show and auditions were postponed , so all dobie students including athletes would be able to go to the auditions. The talent show will now take place on January 29th, 2018.students of Dobie, as well as parents and guardians, and other visitors are invited with the purchase of a ticket,,but if a child who is not yet in the schooling system attends the show no ticket is needed. Many students and parents are looking forward to the talent show even though the show was postponed to a later date. Many students are anxious waiting for the show. Everyone is looking forward to see their fellow students showcase their many talents . Although some performers may be nervous , we know they will be great.