First day of school at Dobie memorable


Students wait for school to open during the first week at Dobie.

By: Anthony Kerr

   It’s the first day of school at Dobie Jr. High and kids are already making decisions and having thoughts about their favorite teachers, classes, and things that have been changed to their liking, or sometimes not.Many new 7th graders are asking teachers for help as they are unaware of where their classrooms are in the building.

  Most kids do not like the new Cougar Time. They say it gives them less opportunity to do homework they may have forgotten the night before.

   8th grader Paul Gonzalez says, “The new cougar time is not as good as the old one because I

have math before Cougar Time” Most everyone isn’t very stressed about new classes in 8th grade. “I’m not at all stressed about any of my classes,” says 8th grader Haley Plutzer.

   Spanish seems to be a favorite class for a lot of kids. 8th Grader Paul Gonzalez says “Spanish is my favorite class because i’m good at spanish and I like Ms. Luna.”

    Some classes have started working immediately, while others are still getting used to the new environment, setting up notebooks, etc. Math classes have already begun giving out homework. 8th grader Haley Plutzer says, “I haven’t had any homework except in math”.  

    It’s been a bit of a shocking August for back to school, as usually one of the hottest months of the year has been very rainy and humid.

    New kids are learning the names of the different areas of the school such as the breezeway, A, B, C, and D wing. Kids are flooding the hallways and it is almost impossible to move up the A-Wing stairs. Some of the areas of the school, such as the snack bar,

Most kids are catching on and learning quickly, while others are still slightly confused learning the different hallways and in an outs of the school. “Not a lot has changed”, says 8th grader Haley Plutzer.

   As difficult as it is to wake up in the morning, most people, particularly 7th graders, are surprisingly wide awake once they come to school, and are effortlessly talking among one another. It’s a new adjustment for the 7th graders, as Dobie starts at 8:10am while Schlather, Jordan, and Wilder start at 7:30am – 7:45am.

   The majority of the 8th graders settle in stress-free, unlike last year when they were doing what the 7th graders are doing now. The construction has been going on for about a year now, and it is expected to be finished in October, and the changes made to the school will be significantly visible.