First day of school filled with changes


Photo by Alyssa Juan

By: Serena Del Toro

August 22, the first day of school for Dobie, was dreary. The rain poured down and traffic was horrendous.  Because of the rain and signal lights out of order, there was a large amount of confusion and issues entering the parking lot. Parents were frustrated and some were late for work.

Dobie’s bell schedule ran late to wait for students who were late. “I hope today goes well,” said Jessica Chagoya, 8th grader. It seemed that all students, including returning 8th graders, were scrambling around each other through hallways, asking for help and directions. Hallways of new rooms as well as new teachers made it more challenging for students to find classrooms.

“This school has changed so much since before summer,” said a girl walking down the main stairs.

Some students were displeased because some of the coaches from last year were no longer at Dobie.

“Coach.L left Dobie, I miss her. She was one of the best coaches!” said Kalen Hill, 8th grader. Two of the three coaches left Dobie and Coach D. stayed to teach science, but is no longer coaching. Students are trying to get to know the new coaches.

“Coach V looks like she would make you do twenty push-ups if you’re late or misbehave,” said Aja Williams, 8th grader.

This year, there are about more than 1,200 Dobie students. 

The lunches were cluttered and people had to sit in the breeze way. Aaliyah Ellis said, “I don’t get why they would make only two lunches mixed with 7th and 8th graders.” Even the breeze way would start to get over crowded and loud.

Many students were relieved when the 3:20p.m. release bell rang.

“I’m so tired,” one student said.

“My sleep schedule is messed up,” another added. “Today was crazy, just too much!”said another student.

But first they would have to survive the chaotic cafeteria that was packed with bus riders.  “Walking to the buses isn’t fun; you get hit everywhere you turn,” said Madison Gonzalez, 8th grader.