Personal View: Cheerleading tryouts were nerve racking

Recently girls and boys from all over participated in high school cheer tryouts for 2018-2019 season. In my case it was very nerve-racking, this is because I am moving to a new area because my father is in the military. My mom drove me 2.5 hours away to a small town called Lampasas where we stayed several nights. This was extremely scary because I didn’t know anyone.


The first day was really easy, we just introduced ourselves and showed what we were trying out for. The only thing though was I was the only new person coming into tryout and everyone else already knew each other. Over the three days we learned many things. This included an individual cheer and chant, a group dance, a group cheer, and the tumbling pass that you could throw to impress the judges.


Finally on the fourth/final day I went to the highschool wearing blue shorts and a plain black athletic shirt, hair pulled back in a tight ponytail sprayed with hairspray to make it stay, and my full face cheer makeup. We all met up in front of the school at about 5pm, and walked to the locker room. Practicing until they called our small group to do our group movements. After everyone’s groups went it was time for individuals.


Finally my name was called, nervous out of my mind I walked into the judging room and to the corner of the mat. I threw my tumbling pass and landed it perfect, then I followed with my jumps and my cheers. I felt proud and accomplished walking out. When I got to my moms car I was extremely scared and worried. About 2 hours later I refreshed the page for where they update the cheerleaders… I MADE THE TEAM. The excitement rushed through my body, all my hard work paid off.