Injuries’ Effect on Football Players

Avery Thames

FootbaIs football dangerous? Of course! That’s why most people watch it! The thrill of a touchdown, the dropping of bottle caps through the seats, and the spilling of popcorn over the unfortunate person sitting in front of you, draws in the audience.

Players normally can dodge the tackles without much hindrance, but other times the whole crowd cringes together. So how much damage can it cause?

Running back, seventh grade football player Edmarrion Contreras, says the amount of injuries he usually gets in a season is two. However, he also said that his teammates don’t get hurt often. Seemingly, Dobie Junior High School football teams are not very injury prone.

Still, if players get at least two injuries per season, why do they play? “I don’t know,” was Contreras’ honest answer. It may be the shouting of the crowds, the joyful playing of the band, or maybe the surge of adrenaline before a game. Whatever the reason may be it must be a good one, since it is one of the most popular sports!

Dobie’s football players apparently don’t often have to sit out games during the season, even with their injuries. “I only have to sit out once,” Edmarrion said somewhat proudly.

The parts of the body that the football player injures the most, depends on what role they play, because of the different areas being impacted. Although, when being tackled, players could get injured in a number of places.

The knees was the place that Contreras injured the most. With the other players it may be their heads, shoulders, stomachs, or other places.

Being a player for three years, Edmarrion should know plenty about football even if he may not play in high school. No one is sure about whether high school football is tougher or not. It should be, because everyone is maturing, getting taller, and also getting stronger. Anyways, most are excited to play in high school nonetheless! See you on the field!