Does School Cause Stress?

School by definition,stress,grades,and piles of homework. Maybe that isn’t exactly what it says in the dictionary, but that is definitely what it  feels like to most teens. According to a survey taken by the American Psychological Association nearly half of American Teens- 45 percent- said they were stressed  by school pressures.

Everything in the world as we know it revolves around one thing,school. According to our society in order to be counted as ‘successful’ you have to go through schooling. 30% of jobs require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree and 35% of jobs require some college or an associates degree.

Generally you start stressing over school work in middle school, everything before that is given to you a little easier, less homework and more of in class work. Now a days if you don’t keep up with your work 1 missing assignment can turn into 5 or 6. We all know your parents or guardians want you to come home with all passing grades, so with those missing assignments comes staying up late trying to finish them. Most people know what it feels like to not get enough sleep and it’s not good.

It isn’t only students who are worried, it’s parents too. “Parents are right to be worried about stress and their children’s health”, says Mary Alvord, a clinical psychologist in Maryland and public education coordinator for the American Psychological Association. When an excessive amount of stress is put on your shoulders it can cause you to snap at parents,friends,teachers and etc.  

On top of all of the stress from school work there can also be stress caused from social events. Such as drama and bullying. We all know drama isn’t only in the theatre classroom. What really causes drama between school students? There are many answers but it can come as simple as ‘he said she said’ or people just flat out not getting along. This can be a lot for students to handle. On top of all those late assignments you could be getting alerts on your phone from someone criticizing you or arguing with you over something dumb.

In my opinion, yes, school does cause stress. No matter how intelligent or organized you are there will always be little road blocks .So just try to avoid all the extras and focus on your school work by taking away all the distractions and put all your attention into what really matters.