Should Students Be Allowed To Grade Their Teachers?

  Teachers are always grading their students, but have you ever thought of students grading their teachers? States across the country are looking for better ways to assess their teachers, sure there’s administration, but the students have the advantage of potentially catching their teachers at the perfect moment. The school system continues to change rapidly and anyone can slip up, and a slip up is just fine, until you begin to manipulate it. Most students would not hesitate to report any unethical actions to higher authority.


  Some people would say no, the students will be too biased or too picky. They may not value the privilege that is being granted and take advantage or make it a joke. They may be angered or annoyed with their teachers and grade them badly due to their own poor performance in class saying, “This class and this teacher suck”, or “My teachers don’t teach me to where I can understand, so my teachers don’t do their jobs.” Also, young kids, or kids in general aren’t known to be the most honest or fair generation around. Younger children may try to bend the rules on grading or not even paying attention to the task at hand.  


  Although others would say yes all the way. Kids may admit or say things that another supervisor may not. The students would be with their teachers far more than an adult superior, so why not give them a shot at catching a mistake. In addition, the grading would instill better responsibility, patience, honesty, and fair judgement, all in which would show up long term in the adults of tomorrow.


In conclusion, we believe that students having the ability to grade their teachers would very beneficial. It could be used as a type of reward for doing something great in class, and that would inspire ideas and a revolution that will only continue to expand as they grow,the older the wiser.