PV: Mr. Contreras – My most appreciated teacher


Autumn Yoder, Staff Reporter

By: Autumn Yoder

So, this week is teacher appreciation week, and I took a long while to think about what teacher I wanted to show appreciation to. Then I realized that there’s one teacher that stood by me while I literally cried and made sure I was okay. This teacher is one of the best teachers I’ve ever encountered. He always makes jokes and smile. Even though every day isn’t a walk in the park or a rainbow, they still attempt to make our days better and help us understand every bit of what we’re doing.

That teacher is Mr. Contreras, my choir teacher. He’s caring and actually kind of a father figure and teacher at the same time. He takes us step by step to teach us our music, and make sure we’re having fun meanwhile. We’re not perfect, and sometimes we talk more than we should, but he puts up with us, bless his soul. He has a lot on his hands, since he has to manage both a 7th and 8th period choir at Dobie and even more choirs at Steele, but even then he can keep his head up and do his best.

I have a history of horrible panic attacks, anxiety and depression. It brings great comfort to me to know that there’s a teacher who listens, and can give actual feedback rather than write you off or refer you to a counselor. He has stood with me during my dark times, and has given others help in their struggles.

Close to our huge dates, like when we were going to UIL, he tells us stories about how he used to fail in his classes, and that he understands us. He urges us all the time to make sure we’re passing our classes and wants us to move on to either Steele or 8th grade.

Together, with him and our choir, we’ve created so many awesome memories. From us winning a plaque at UIL, to going and having a party at Mr. Gatti’s, we can look back and realize how great of a teacher he is. He gives so much to us and tries to get the best for us, and I believe that we should give back. Give thanks to such an amazing choir teacher, and don’t ever take for granted the instrument you have without having to hold anything- your voice.

So, thank you so much Mr. C. 🙂