PV: Mrs.Reed-The teacher I appreciate the most


Hope Carl

I appreciate Mrs. Reed so much, she made learning science more easier this year. She has had a big impact on my grade I feel if i had a different teacher I wouldn’t have as much interest in science then I have in her class. She has so much personality and makes every class period fun unless someones getting on her nerves, but she still seems to make my day.

I remember one day we were doing our rockets for cougar time, and the bell rang so we all had to run inside because we were going to be late. Keep in mind I have her 6th period, then out of no where while we were getting ready for class to start Mrs.Reed was looking for her coffee cup and she told me to go see if it was still outside. So I went outside and I found it just sitting there so I grabbed it and went back to class.

As I walked into class I told Mrs.Reed that I found her coffee cup. She grabbed it and sat it down and gave me a hug saying “you are a life saver”. I felt really good inside just hearing that from her. She is honestly my life saver for helping me take an interest in school and science, and I appreciate her so much for it.