PV: Mrs. Santos-The teacher I appreciate


Ashleigh Garcia, Staff Reporter

By: Ashleigh Garcia

Mrs. Santos is the teacher I appreciate. My dad always says I’m super creative and I feel like I can express it in my art class with Mrs. Santos. She’s always cracking jokes and when some of the boys are acting goofy she comes at them with a joke. The projects are always super fun, and she is always so helpful when you have a questions.

I feel welcomed and comfortable in her class. I always want to come to first period to see my friends and do art with Mrs. Santos. She has so many things to deal with, being the cheer couch and art teacher for seventh and eighth grade, but she still makes time for everyone. Shes so nice to everyone and every time I leave I felt like I’ve learned something new. I don’t think I would’ve learned to sew if it wasn’t for her.

Even on Mondays when no one wants to get out of bed and come to school but she still does and is always in a good mood. Even when I feel like I want to give up and can’t do it she always tells us to at least try and give effort.

So thank you, Mrs. Santos, for being so nice and helpful throughout this year.