Personal View: Mrs. Chitta- my favorite teacher


Seraphim Wright, Staff reporter

By: Seraphim Wright

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I’m happy we get to celebrate our teachers that work so hard. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Chitta, and the one I appreciate the most. Even though she came into the year late, she has done so much for the theater department and even improved it a lot.

She has spent a lot of her own money on her students and the productions. She has a lot of great ideas and experience in acting and technical crew. She has also helped us a lot with acting, learning how to really understand our characters, making sure we know what our character is supposed to be doing, and what our plays are really about. I’m going to miss her a lot since next year I will be in high school, but I might come back to help her or watch the shows.

Not only does she do a lot for our plays, she also does a lot for her classes. In her lessons, she finds really fun and interesting things that students enjoy to participate in. We watch videos and tutorials that go with what we are learning so that we really understand what we are doing. We also have a lot of fun theater activities and games that improve our acting and improvisation skills.

I’m going to miss her SO MUCH, but hopefully I can come back next year to visit her. I’m excited to see what other ways she is going to improve the department and classroom because I know she is going to make it even better!