PV: Mrs.Chitta, My Favorite Teacher


Ashlynn Gaskin, Staff reporter

By: Ashlynn Gaskin

This week is teacher appreciation week, so I wanted to to write about a teacher who has always made me smile and is always there to brighten my day after my first class of stress and anxiety. This teacher’s name is Mrs.Chitta. She is so nice and patient.

She puts up with my second period class everyday. Even though they are disrespectful and rude, she is able to still teach and be there for us no matter what. Even though there are  days she is upset and stressed which, let’s be honest, is most days with my class period. She is always ready to show and present something new, and is one of the most caring and patient teachers I know.

She is always there to support me when I feel like I’ve done something wrong during a performance or just trying out. I have known her since I went to summer camp at the Magik Theater since I was ten at her performance of “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”. I have loved theater ever since then!

The funny thing is she is now my teacher and I get to see her every day. To tell the truth, it’s like being taught by a famous person every day of  my jr. high life. She has helped me realize what it’s like to be in show business, which has made me more confident of being able to speak in front of an audience, has improved and polished my chances of becoming an actor.

Every day I hope for the best for her and pray that my smiles and hugs are enough to help her through a day of stress or sickness. She is one of my best teachers I’ve ever had!

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me Mrs.Chitta. You have changed my life for the better and have helped me accomplish things I could only have dreamed of.