PV: Mrs.Compton – My Favorite Teacher


Leilani Barajas, Staff Reporter

By: Leilani Barajas

Mrs. Compton, the ELA teacher for Team 8-2, is my favorite teacher. She is my favorite teacher because she is funny and she lets me stay in for lunch with friends. At the beginning of class she always puts what we are going to do for the day on the smartboard with a silly, goodhearted pun. During her class I feel relaxed and calm, sometimes I wish the class period would never end.

I even go in her classroom to eat lunch. I go because it is cozy and I feel relaxed and happy. The quiet classroom is so much better than the noisy and rowdy cafeteria. I stay in there with some of my friends, so that makes it even better.

She gives us manageable assignments and projects, that are fun to do. Sure, I love my other teachers this year, but Mrs.Compton is by far my favorite teacher.

Thank you for teaching me ELA, Mrs. Compton!