PV: Mrs. Harper- The teacher I appreciate


Camille Jackson, Staff Reporter

By: Camille Jackson

All teachers attempt to leave a lasting positive impact on those they teach, but a select few succeed; Mrs. Harper, 8th grade art teacher, is one of those special individuals. I have always tried my best in school but have never had a lot of self-confidence.

Mrs. Harper encourages everyone and helps them in seeing their current skill and future potential. I have seen first-hand that she deals with very troublesome students, but she still manages to keep her cool. She will always take time to have conversations with her pupils and discuss different things going on in their lives regardless if they’re art related or not.

She’s an amazing teacher because she is very passionate about art and about letting teens be expressive and creative. Mrs. Harper has a kind and unique approach towards educating. Most teachers I’ve had are extremely monotonous and seem as though they’d much rather be employed anywhere else but where they currently are. (Yes, this would even include the fried recesses of McDonalds). Although my self-confidence isn’t that much higher, Mrs. Harper helps remind me that to enjoy art you don’t necessarily have to be talented but have to be passionate about it and just have fun. Thank you Mrs. Harper for being an incredible teacher and a person to confide in.