P.V: Mrs.Reed- My favorite teacher


Leah Biache, Staff Reporter

By:Leah Biache

Mrs. Reed is my 8th grade science teacher. I appreciate Mrs.Reed because her class isn’t boring; she almost always has an activity planned. We get to review in fun ways and not just pencil and paper. Her personality is fun, she has common sense, and respects the kids who respect her. She also speaks in Spanish sometimes in class.

She will help you with what you miss and not just give the paper to you. She gets the whole class laughing at times too. If you need help, it is easy to get. She has tutoring and usually will review so everyone gets it. When we work in groups she will walk around to make sure we are getting it. She will discipline us only when necessary and not over small things.

She is not just a good teacher, she is a fun person too. She gets teenagers and keeps her class interesting. She treat us with respect as long as we respect her. If you seem sad she will ask you whats wrong, and if you don’t want to say, then she won’t bother you.

Mrs.Reed was also my UIL Science coach and she made that fun too! She got us ready for UIL and told us not to freak out about it either. This is why Mrs.Reed is my favorite teacher.