PV: Coach Driffill- My favorite teacher


Ayana Freeman, Staff reporter

Coach Driffill is a 7th grade social studies teacher. He coaches football, basketball, and track. When he’s not coaching he is one of the most funniest people you will ever meet. He makes the best jokes and has the most clever nicknames for people. His personality is very outgoing and he always is in a good, fun, exciting mood (when it’s not game day ). He makes you feel welcomed and comfortable in his class and always want to go there.

One thing that I love about Coach Driffll is that he is a good teacher. His lessons are easy to understand and he explains things smoothly. His work is easy (when it’s not DBQ’s) and the tests he gives are easy too. Every time I see Coach Driffill I get happy because I know when I get to his class, I’ll be laughing by the end. He makes me love social studies.

Another thing I love is his challenges. It was really funny when him and Coach Gamboa were going against each other to see whose students would fall out of their chairs. Coach Driffll won, of course! He makes me want to come to school every single day. I get sad when he leaves because the class is boring and we are left with a boring sub. It’s so funny to talk to him, his stories are so funny and so interesting to hear. He’s one of the best story tellers ever.

Coach Driffill is one of the all-time best teachers ever and I’m so lucky to have an amazing teacher like him.