PV: The teacher I appreciate the most: Mrs.Garcia


Arianna Baldwin, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Meredith Clark Garcia has been a teacher for a whopping 18 year and plans to do it as her profession for the rest of her life. Mrs. Garcia teaches eighth grade Math, and Algebra.

The amount of time and dedication it takes her to teach lessons, grade papers and missing work is crazy spending early mornings, and late nights at school. Mrs. Garcia spends the majority of all her time here at Dobie giving kids all of her attention and putting us first, at all times.

Not only is Mrs. Garcia a hard working teacher, but a lovely wife and dog lover. She is definitely glad that she doesn’t have kids considering she’s around them so much and thinks of us as her own. She is the best teacher any student could ever ask for she is so relatable and understanding.

Mrs. Garcia has touched the lives of many kids with her kind, caring, and giving heart. I like to think of her as a very well respected friend who I can go to and talk about anything too. All of her students love and respect Mrs.Garcia so much.

Mrs. Garcia: Happy Teacher appreciation week!