PV: Coach Driffill-One of my favorite teachers


Madilyn Morris, Staff reporter

Coach Driffill is a 7th grade history teacher and a coach at Dobie Jr. High in Cibolo TX. He coaches football, track, and basketball and when he is not in the gym he is in a classroom teaching students. In his classes he makes jokes with the kids and makes the kids feel like a family. He is one of the funniest, nicest, and caring teachers. He will be one of my favorite teachers ever and that won’t change.

He is a very good teacher to his many students. His lessons might not be long but that get the information out there and you understand what his is talking about. When there is a test to study for you have all the information you need to pass and he also gives you time to study before hand just in case you forgot to study the night before.

Coach Driffill makes everyone feel welcomed and loved. His jokes might seem hurtful if you’re not in his classes but if you are you understand that they are just funny words that don’t mean anything. His jokes are very funny and can sometimes spill some things that were kept quiet. When he and some of the other students start making jokes you start to find out things so when things start becoming funny listen for things that you might want to know.