PV: Mrs. M. Rodriguez -My favorite teacher


Nevaeh Riojas, Staff Reporter

I’ve don’t think I’ve ever really had the best grasp on certain school subjects like ELA or math because I moved a bit when I was younger and every district and state has its different TEKs so it would take me longer to learn certain things. When I moved my new school would either be behind or ahead of where my last school was, so when I moved here around 2nd grade it was hard and it still is for me to learn certain things like ELA or math. But now I’m here in 7th grade learning new things in ELA. I don’t think I would understand what I do now if it had been any other teacher who was teaching me.

Mrs. M. Rodriguez goes through each lesson step by step and helps us understand it better and if we don’t understand it after she tells the whole class she tells us “if you still don’t understand it please come to my desk and ask me questions” or even if were absent and she had no more copies of a paper she checks to see if she has one saved on her computer and if she does, she prints it out for us. She makes the lessons really fun or just really calm and simple sometimes.

And while most teachers do that she just makes it seem more fun. After school started, ELA was my second period so I was sure I would fall asleep in that class because I thought it would be boring but I was wrong. I love the class and barely ever fall asleep in there because I’m enjoying the lesson and having fun and wanting to learn more then before. That’s why Mrs. M Rodriguez is my favorite teacher.