Pv: Mrs. Santos is the best coach


David Staton, Staff Reporter

By: David Staton

My favorite teacher and coach is Mrs. Santos. Mrs. Santos has been my favorite teacher ever since I made the cheer team for seventh grade. I got lucky enough to get her for art in 8th grade, which is a bonus.

I will always like Mrs. Santos even though I’m going to high school next year and I will miss her a lot. Most certainly I will come back and visit because who wouldn’t. From having a baby to many other things that made her miss out in school. She has done many things to help me become a better cheerleader and a better artist.

Mrs. Santos is  really nice and an awesome teacher unless you make her mad — then she will dislike you. With having her as my coach for cheer we have an unforgettable bond that made her feel like family with the other cheerleaders on the team.

She has put so much into so many students life’s and pushing them to their best ability.  She can make you one of the happiest people on the earth. She has a bright smile that expands from ear to ear!!!

I’m going to miss her a lot and I will remember her till I graduate. I hope to be remembered from her and I will always love her!!