PV: My favorite teacher band director, Mr. Barbee

Jin Seo, Staff Reporter

The teacher who I appreciate the most is assistant band director Mr. Barbee. He has helped me with the clarinet and with changing my zoning school to Steele — a process that was confusing and overwhelming.

It is very easy to talk to him. He is funny. He tries to cheer up students when they are depressed and stressed out.  Also he listens to students when they need help with any school problem. He is trying his best to give  all of the information he knows about school and band for next year.

He helps people with a lot with their instrument. For example, he helped me with the music when I was confused; he counted the part I was confused with and he got his clarinet and played with me, which helped me a lot with the style of the music. I could play the music, because I knew how it was supposed to sound. He also took his personal time to stay after school to help us with the solo and ensemble.

When I started band, it might sound really bad but I didn’t really tried in band. I didn’t practice at home, when I was in intermediate school but when I came to the Dobie, I was surprise that we had to practice 90 minutes per a week. Also, I didn’t really practice over the summer, so I was really bad at sounding and forgot most of the things we need to know but Mr. Barbee helped me with notes I was confused with. With more time, hard work and help from Mr. Barbee, I could sit in the front row and play the melody and high notes.

I love that I had Mr. Barbee as band director through 8th grade and I could enjoy the band because he helped me a lot with my instrument.