PV: Mr. Contreras – A teacher that I appreciate


Gillian Graver, Staff Reporter

By : Gillian Graver

Mr. Contreras is the choir director at Dobie Jr. High and I appreciate him a lot. He has really made made learning and every school day worth while. I have him 8th period and it is probably the best class I have and the class I look forward to the most.

Mr. C teaches his classes about how to sing properly, sight read, and have fun! He tells us about his life experiences, tells funny jokes, and determines us to do our very best.

He is a very good motivator and makes sure that learning the songs is fun as well as compelling. We work as a family and enjoy ourselves as we sing all together. Mr. C has made a difference in learning for me. He’s shown me that you can enjoy learning  and do other things than write down notes and read from a textbook.

This teacher makes me feel like I have something to look forward to in the day. I love singing, so that’s a given. But I also love the involvement, the fun times, the jokes and the exciting moments to be had. I thank Mr. C for being such a great teacher and making this school year great for all of your students, including me!