PV: Mr. Contreras- my favorite teacher


Carina Ethier, Staff Reporter

By: Carina Ethier

My favorite teacher this year is my choir teacher, Mr. Contreras, or Mr. C. When I was new to the school this year he made me welcome to the school.

He is my favorite teacher because he always has fun activities to do in class. Mr. C makes everyone feel welcome, he really makes me feel like I am apart of a family with him and all the choir students. He always has great ideas and makes sure we are the greatest choir we can be.

He teaches me so much about music and singing. I was skeptical on joining choir when I moved here at the end of September because I didn’t know anyone or really anything about singing. Mr. C reassured me that I made the right choice by joining choir. I always love all the songs he picks for concerts and competition.

One thing that I appreciate about Mr. C is he always knows what advice to give. His classroom is always so positive and loving; he doesn’t let negativity get to him. He always gives us the opportunity to stand in the spotlight by giving us solos or duets.

Another thing I appreciate about Mr.C is all the after school or out of school activities. This year Mr. C took the choir to a corn maze as a team exercise. He hired a choreographer for our pop show because he wants us to get the full experience of being on stage. His teaching is so good we even got a high score at U.I.L, University Interscholastic League.

Mr.C  is a very great teacher he makes sure no one gets judged or bullied in his class. He is full of kindness, love, and gratefulness for his students. He clearly loves what he does and cares for his students greatly.