PV: Ms.Jordiin-My Favorite Teacher


Adaiah Martinez, Staff reporter

By: Adaiah Martinez

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May of 2018. There are so many ways to show your appreciation towards teachers, here’s mine.

My favorite teacher is my 7th grade social studies teacher, Ms. Jordiin. Currently I’m an 8th grader. She has taught me so much about social studies and about life in general. I can honestly say she is like a best friend to me. If I ever am having trouble at home or at school she has the perfect advice to give. She teaches in a way that is very direct to you — if you are having trouble in a certain section in social studies she will step aside to help you personally in a way that you understand.

She allowed me to love the subject of social studies more. She helped me in parts that I struggled in and helped me excel in things I was already good at.

That’s another thing I love about her, she is always so caring. She has such a big heart and no space in there has the capacity to fit just how much she cares for her students. When your own life isn’t going too well and you’re upset she feels it. She will also try to help assist you in any way without pushing any boundaries. You can tell she loves what she does dearly.

She makes her classroom a safe space. The second you walk into her classroom you are allowed to be yourself without fear of judgement. She really allows you to have a great time in her classroom. During lunch a few people including myself go and eat in there. We play a lot of different games like charades, cards, and Kahoot to name a few. We also talk about life , school, and The Bachelor. She is such a relate-able person. Whenever we talk to her about our lives she can relate to it and vice versa.

She genuinely enjoys teaching and is clearly invested in her students. I am so glad I was able to have her as my teacher and get to know her in a way most students don’t.