PV: Mrs. Rodriguez- My favorite teacher


Zaryah Wray , Staff Reporter

By: Zaryah Wray

Teacher appreciation week is a week in May that gives special honor to teachers for their incredible hard work. For May 2018 I would love to appreciate and  give honor Mrs. K. Rodriguez, my 7th grade science teacher. I never liked science, most of the time I dreaded going to science. Isn’t it weird how one year you could hate a subject and the next love it? I believe it’s all up to the teacher. That’s why my 7th grade year science was absolutely my favorite subject.

Throughout my 9 years in school and learning science, I’ve never really understood science until I stepped foot in her classroom, that first day of school in August 2016. Mrs. Rodriguez explains in vivid details with lots of examples. She teaches in ways were students can grasp the idea of what we are learning, over and over until you understand.

In class she makes everyone feel welcome and equal. She understands the ages she teaches ages and allows her students to work in partners. All the work in her class was helpful and never busy work, it always had a purpose, to teach. Don’t get me wrong there was work, but she allowed time for us to talk. We almost never had to stay silent or work alone.

Projects and classroom activities were another part of what we did. One classroom activity I remember doing was were we classified the physical properties of different types of chips. This activity is an example of the many ways she gave examples in depth, it made her students want to learn for the reward that we would get after.

Most would describe a teacher as, “an adult of teaches you different subjects” or ” a person that gives knowledge that’s useless for most.” Both are correct and incorrect. Yes they teach you things. Yes it feels useless, but a true teacher posses the ability to teach in fun creative ways that do help teach students. They care for their students and strive to makes sure everyone understand. These are all traits that Mrs.Rodriguez has. That is why I’m giving her appreciation for all that she does here.