PV: Mrs. Glasz – My favorite teacher


Kaydence Hicks , Staff Reporter

By: Kaydence Hicks

Mrs. Glasz, an 8th grade social studies teacher here at Dobie, is a teacher that I really appreciate this year.  Whenever I, or someone else, has a question in class or they need help on an assignment, she tries her best to help.

She makes learning new things in her class fun and interesting, and she lets us do a lot of partner work and activities. In this way, Mrs. Glasz makes her class even more fun and enjoyable than it already is, and it gives students a class to look forward to every day. One of my favorite things that we do sometimes in her class is play Kahoot.

Another thing that I appreciate about Mrs. Glasz is that she makes jokes that make us laugh and brighten up everyone’s day. I think every student should have her because she is such a good teacher.

She is also a teacher that talks to the students that she is teaching and interacts with them, instead of just leaving them off on their own to do a worksheet that nobody understands.

I wish that I could have her as a teacher for another year, because I was really lucky this year to have a teacher that I really appreciate and that helps out a lot.