PV: Coach Adame – My favorite teacher


Bryan Gutierrez, Staff Reporter

I appreciate my teacher Coach Adame. She teaches college and career and coaches a variety of sports.Also she is my 8th period class.

Coach Adame is a great teacher because she gets to the point very quickly when teaching, and makes it easy to understand. In her class we have to learn and memorize vocabulary words like bank, or credit. This is to help us understand what these things are so that later in life we can use them properly.

At the beginning of this year I had barely any knowledge about career related things, but now towards the end I am so much more confident that I will be able to have a stable career thanks to her. Sometimes in her class we will read through a power point about whatever we are learning about at the time like credit, banking, or how to write checks.

Adame’s personality is that she likes to joke around but also get work done at the same time. This is one of my favorite things about her because we won’t get homework but also can have fun in her class.

Overall she is just an amazing teacher that is funny, caring, and teaches students things they will need the rest of their life. Thank you for all that you do Coach Adame.