PV: Mrs. Behnsch – My favorite teacher


Lauren Gray, Staff reporter

Mrs. Behnsch, my seventh grade skills for success teacher,  teaches college and career readiness and tech apps. I had her last year and she’s one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had. She is my favorite teacher because last year she always pushed me to do my best. I had been failing a lot of classes and she really helped me with bringing my grades up.

Mrs. Behnsch is also one of the kindest most caring people I have ever met. I could always go to her with my problems, whether it was family or school or just drama at school she always had the perfect advice for me.

Mrs. Behnsch could always tell when I was having a bad day or if I needed a hug or to talk.  I remember being so upset over something that had happened and  we talked it out and it definitely made my day ten times better. I am so thankful for that because it felt like she really cared. To this day if I have a problem I will go to her and talk about it.

I always waited for third period (skills for success) which she used to teach. That class was like a break from the stress all my other classes brought me. If we weren’t doing anything important that day she would let me catch up on work for other classes or just relax and take a nap.

I’m going to miss Mrs. Behnsch so much next year. She will always be one of my favorite teachers.