PV: Mrs.Bagley – A Teacher I Appreciate


Jordyn Pollard, staff reporter

Mrs. Bagley is an algebra and math teacher here at Dobie and I really appreciate her. Mrs. Bagley has a way to makes class a little bit better.

I don’t like algebra or math and I never have. I actually hate algebra and it’s one of my least favorite subjects, but Mrs. Bagley has encouraged me to keep learning.

Mrs. Bagley has helped me throughout the year, and she keeps encouraging us to do better. My grades progressively got better, but honestly, I still struggle in algebra a little bit. I like that she has confidence in all her students, and she wants everyone to do better.

She always makes sure to teach us at the best of her ability. Mrs. Bagley has a great personality and makes sure she brings her personality into all of her lessons. She makes sure everyone understands what she’s trying to teach, and her personality can make class a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

In my opinion, if your teacher tries to encourage you to learn, you will then want to learn also. If they don’t encourage you to want to learn, and make class boring, you won’t want to learn.

I never really used to try in math because I didn’t really care for it, and I didn’t think it would help me out later on in life. algebra will definitely help you in High School and possibly with whatever job your going to have. I still don’t really like algebra, but at least my teacher has encouraged me to try.