PV: Mrs. Zerbe, my favorite teacher


Alessandra Aladzeme, Staff reporter

By: Alessandra Aladzeme

Mrs. Zerbe is a kind and joyful woman that is always ready to help, who always has faith on people before knowing them, who always says you can do something when you think you can’t and my favorite teacher.

Mrs. Zerbe is not my teacher, but she is a special education support teacher for other students in my class. Since day one, when I arrived as a new student in November, Mrs. Zerbe has always been kind and nice to me. She’s always helping me, letting me go to her room and always waving hello and chatting with me every time she sees me in the hallway but what I like the most about her is that she really trustees me and tries to help me with my problems.

She’s this kind, motherly person that is always there for you,treats everybody equally and always treats everybody equal, she let’s me go with her kids to take my quizzes and explains to me the things I don’t understand. She tells me I’m smart and lets me help her, she lets me keep my stuff in her room and jokes with me. These qualities are what make her special and overall my favorite teacher.

Mrs. Zerbe: thank you so much for all the affection and help you gave me from my first day at the school, you are and always will be to me one of those persons that make great impacts in your life that you’ll never forget.