PV: Mrs. Glasz – My favorite teacher


Jason Dobbins, Staff reporter

Throughout my life, social studies has always been my favorite subject. Most years I have had good teachers for this subject, however my favorite of the bunch is hands-down Mrs. Glasz. I’ve never had a day this year where I have disliked her class. Mrs. Glasz is my favorite teacher because she always finds a way to make our daily activities fun or entertaining.

From the Revolution, to Manifest Destiny, and to the Civil War, Mrs. Glasz has found a way to make each of those subjects fun, by either filling an interactive notebook to having a competition with our peers. Sometimes I wish my entire day consisted of her class because I’m guaranteed to have a good time.

While sometimes I do get fed up with my classmates, I always look forward to going to U.S. History 4th period. Another plus is that she never gives us too many assignments at once, and usually gives us more than one day to do them, which means I can schedule which days I do my assignments. Overall, Mrs. Glasz is my favorite teacher this year. Future 8th graders, pray that Mrs. Glasz is your teacher; you’ll have the time of your life if she is.