PV: Ms. Johnson – My favorite teacher


Leah Parker, Student Reporters

I have never ever liked math or was never good at it but this year has changed my ways of learning math. Now I can’t wait to go to math. Ms. Johnson, my math teacher, is probably my favorite math teacher possibly my favorite teacher here at Dobie.  She has made me want to come to math everyday and makes math so much easier to understand.

The reason why Ms. Johnson is my favorite math teacher is that she pushes us to do our best and makes us work harder. Yes she can be strict but that is in every teacher right.  While she pushes us she also makes it fun to learn such as putting music on while doing homework. She will also joke with us and very easy to talk to. You literally can talk to her about anything.

As I said earlier she makes math so much easier to understand. I have gotten straight As for math this whole because of her. She makes short cuts that actually work. She makes sure we know what we are doing. She is always have room for us to ask questions. Yes she always gives us homework but doesn’t every math teacher always gives us homework.  Even though it is a lot it pays off because you will get it by the end of the day.

I love Ms. Johnson very much and don’t get me wrong I love my other teachers but she makes math so much easier and is always willing to help wherever she can even at the beginning of the day. She always greets people every morning when we come in to school. You always see her smile even if it isn’t the greatest day. I hope the 6th graders next year get her because they are in a treat and will have so much fun with her.