PV: My favorite teacher, Mr. Barbee


Ariana Rojas

Mr. Barbee in his Letterman Jacket for Throw Back Thursday

Renee Jessen, Staff Reporter

The teacher I appreciate the most is the assistant band director, Mr. Barbee.  There are six simple reasons why he is my favorite.

First reason, he is easy to talk to. Mr. Barbee listens to your questions and gives a good meaningful response to each question. He doesn’t try to over explain things, he gives a easy to understand response.

Second reason, he gives you good advice. He doesn’t just brush you off, like some other teachers. He listens about what is going on and then gives you advice on what to do. I asked him about running and he gave me great tips for the next time I go running with my friends.

Third reason, he is funny. Mr. Barbee can lighten up the room with jokes and sarcasm. He tries to cheer up his students when they feel down and depressed. He tells us funny stories of his band experience, makes jokes, he’s sarcastic, and so much more.

Fourth season, he makes band fun. Mr. Barbee comes up with interesting ways to make band fun. He tells stories of his band experience, he makes jokes, does weird hand motions, and draws on the board.

Fifth reason, he supports us. Mr. Barbee supports us and helps us when we have something coming up, like auditions, solo and ensemble, UIL, and a lot more. If Mr. Barbee wasn’t here, I don’t know where I would be this year or the years to come.

Sixth reason, he is the “band dad”. The band students look up to him as a role model, he is kind of like our dad. He is someone we can go to if we need help, he puts us in our place when we act up, he cares about us, and is friendly.

These are my six reasons on why Mr. Barbee is my favorite teacher. I’m sad that I’m leaving Dobie for Steele and I won’t be able to see him everyday. But, at least I’ll get to see him during marching season while I am at Steele.

Mr. Barbee, thank you for being so kind and caring. I’m sad that I won’t see you everyday in the band hall. But at least I’ll get to see you during band camp and football season. Please don’t forget about me.