PV: Mrs. Montgomery, My Favorite Teacher of the Year


Elena Flessas, Staff Reporter

My favorite teacher this year is my science teacher, Mrs. Montgomery. She is my favorite teacher mainly because of her kind personality and her will to help me with classwork when I don’t understand the subject at hand.

Whenever I walk into the mostly quiet classroom, ’cause I’m one of the first ones there, I am always greeted with a warm smile and I do the same. The first week of me being here at this school, almost every teacher I met seemed really strict. I thought the same would happen whenever I went to my science class do to past experience with other teachers in previous years, but dang was I wrong.

I’ve always struggled on certain subjects in science, but now, I’m doing better than I ever have. When I used to not do my homework and failed every quarter to passing this class with flying colors.

For this teacher I am extremely grateful and if anyone else meets her, I hope they will be too.