PV: Mrs. Kretsinger, my favorite teacher


Reese Christenson, Staff reporter

By Reese Christenson

I never loved English. It was just another class I was dreading to go to, but since the first day when I walked into Mrs.Kretsinger’s eighth grade English class all my negative energy disappeared. Her class has helped me get through the year.  

My favorite teacher this year was Mrs. Kretsinger. She is always such a happy person, even when the class interrupts her. Mrs. Kretsinger has helped me learn so much this year. Everyone on team eight four is amazing , but Mrs. Kretsinger really stood out to me.

I appreciate her because she helped me learn and really understand English. She taught me how to really take the STAAR test, and I ended up getting commended on it. The skills she has taught me this year made me improve in English.

She has always been such a nice person who really cares about her students learning. When you don’t understand something or have been absent she really explains the things you missed until you fully understand it. She teaches very well to the class.

Mrs. Kretsinger has been here for me the whole year. She always makes sure your having a good day. She truly cares about her students and understands them. When you look sad she always asks what’s wrong.

Usually by the middle of the year classes get boring and more fast paced, but Mrs. Kretsinger always make sure her lessons are fun and when they can’t be she always tells us to listen and it will go by quick.

She has taught me so much this year , and I can’t believe its coming to an end. I will take everything she has taught me to high school. She is such an amazing teacher and I will always appreciate her.